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How will people react to your new SMP look?

There is so much excitement and uncertainty before and after your first session with your chosen scalp micropigmentation (SMP) artist. Part of that uncertainty is in relation to the question everyone asks before the treatment, “Will people notice that it’s not real hair?”

It’s no surprise that going bald is devastating to men and women alike. The younger you are when your hair starts thinning, the more it adversely affects your life. I’ve had SMP done and I’m so glad I did.

Below are the top four reactions you’ll get to your new and amazingly realistic look.

There’s something different about you. Did you lose weight? People asked me this even though I gained weight.

Top 4 SMP Reactions

It’s been fun gauging people’s reactions to my SMP treatment. There have been many, but the following four stood out:

Every single person knew that something had changed about me, but no one knew what. Even my mother, who knew I was getting into the SMP business asked me “But you didn’t get it done, did you?” The reactions I received ranged from: did you lose weight?, did you do something different to your beard?, did you get a tan?, did you get your teeth whitened?, can I have your barber’s number? In fact, the only way they would find out that I had the scalp micropigmentation treatment done was if I told them. To those I fessed up to, they were in disbelief. They had no idea where the SMP ended and my real hair started.

Men with shaved heads and receding hairlines stared at my head. It’s happened so many times. I take my hat off at Starbucks and men with obviously receding hairlines try to get a closer look at my scalp, but in an incognito way. I asked one guy who was just killing me with the staring, why he was doing it. He said that he was shocked that I had a full head of hair and still decided to shave it. I decided to tell him about my SMP and he could not believe it.

My wife’s reaction made me feel good. She simply said “Wow, it looks so real. I love it.” To this day she’ll randomly just say “Wow, it still looks good.” The key to this lasting effect is that I follow my treatment plan by making sure I shave my head every two to three days to optimize the look.

People ask me why I’m always so energized. I thank Zang SMP for giving me back my youthful look and for helping me get my confidence back! That’s really all you need to get that pep back in your step.

The elephant sitting on your head

The first reaction I posted above led me to think that this whole “everyone is looking at my receding hairline” thing was all in my mind. Simply because no one knew what had changed about me made it clear that I was more than just a person with thinning hair to them. My thinning hair wasn’t even on their minds. Lightbulb Moment: That’s not how others defined me, but how I defined myself.

There’s no need to wait. Scalp micropigmentation is accessible to all and not prohibitively expensive. Even better, it’s so low maintenance you won’t believe it. Let Edge Scalp Ink help you get your confidence back. Get in touch with us today by sending us a note.

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