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Love and Scalp Micropigmentation

Surprisingly, wives who have husbands with thinning hair are big fans of scalp micropigmentation, also known as SMP. I’ve been contacted by several women who’ve told me their spouses would be prime candidates for SMP. Girlfriends have also volunteered their partners for the treatment, many times without the guys even knowing. Read below to find out why it was so surprising.

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This gentleman would be a great candidate for SMP. If you know him, tell him about us.

Why do I say that it was surprising?

From what I’ve heard, women actually don’t like when men get too comfortable after being in a long-term relationship. Men are known for “letting themselves go.” The truth is we don’t have to become bald and grumpy old men with beer bellies. We can watch what we eat, exercise, and live healthy lifestyles to avoid the beer belly. Being healthier will also help our mental health, so we’re not as grumpy. And SMP will take care of that bald head, no problem— not to mention half of the grumpiness. In contrast, women are expected to wear makeup and look their best 24/7. Double-standard, anyone?

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I think it’s great when women want their husbands to look as youthful as they did when they first met. Isn’t that when the attraction chemistry happened? Of course, love grows for many more reasons than just looks, but looks play a big role in sexual attraction. Balding and thinning hair wreaks havoc on your looks, most of the time adding five to ten years to your age. Call this post superficial, but I believe in living your best life because it’s the only one you’ll ever have.

As a side note, I reached out to Bustle requesting they add SMP as the 12th thing No One Tells You About Long-Term Relationships That You Need To Know.

Scalp micropigmentation is an investment that pays immeasurable dividends. You can’t put a price on happiness or confidence, so why not pay for a non-invasive, non surgical, and kick-ass treatment that will provide a return on investment even better than buying Bitcoin in 2010 and selling in 2017?

Oh, and another thing…

Another reason, I believe women love SMP for their significant others is because they know it will make their partners happy. They know their husbands or boyfriends don’t like their thinning hair and it affects their relationships, self-confidence, careers, etc. negatively. My wife loves my new look and she is always complimenting me on it.


The last reason for SMP’s fandom is its super realistic look. Like Talib Kweli once said, we SMP artists “compete with reality like Xerox.” People who’ve had the treatment done on themselves can’t distinguish between the SMP and their real hair. Why would anyone else be able to tell?

If you have a husband or boyfriend that has thinning hair and you want to increase the sexiness quotient in your relationship, get in touch with us because we can help.

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