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The Toppik Killer?

Toppik hair fibers are a very popular hair loss solution. It’s a very quick fix for thinning hair, but it has its limitations.

Many of our clients have used Toppik in the past. Some won’t even leave their house without applying it. But they all show up to our office in hopes that scalp micropigmentation (SMP) will finally free them of hair fiber hell.

Unlike Toppik, scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution.

– SMP won’t drip down your face when wet.

– SMP won’t cake up on your scalp creating very dark and noticeable patches.

– SMP won’t disappear during a shower or a swim.

– SMP doesn’t have to be applied daily.

Edge Scalp Ink is locate in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. We specialize in recreating hyper realistic hairlines.

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