Edge Scalp Ink

Edga Scalp Ink Aftercare Instructions For Best Results


As well as the individual recommendations that your artist will have given you, here are a few pieces of advice you should follow immediately.

For 4 days after treatment you should

After the initial 4-day settling period, it is advisable to

Stick with the style plan you agreed on with your artist. Avoid growing hair too long as this will create the contrast of the SMP treated areas. Experiment with your own hair length to achieve the best results and look. You can now shave your head if that is the look we agreed on.

You can start to moisturize your scalp at least once a day to avoid dry skin and keep scalp in good condition.

Subsequent treatments (1 and 2) will normally take place two weeks after the previous treatment.

If you experience any problems with your new style, please contact us at 301-578-6551 or email us at info@edgescalpink.com.