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Frequently Asked Questions about Scalp Micropigmentation


Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that uses specialized micro-needles to deposit pigment into the dermal layer of the scalp. The pigment deposits mimic closely shaved hair follicles. If you are completely bald we can provide the 5 o’clock shadow look; and if your hair is thinning or you are not satisfied with hair transplant results and require more density, SMP is for you.

You can expect needing a touch-up within the 5-6 year mark. This is a permanent procedure which will last forever, but there is normal wear and tear involved in the surface of the skin which causes the pigmented follicles to fade over time.

Yes, it is very safe as long as the artist and client follow proper safety guidelines. Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure. At Edge Scalp Ink, we use single-use cartridges to deposit pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. We follow state and industry guidelines to keep the client as well as the artist as safe from blood-borne pathogens as possible. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us by using the form below

Absolutely not. Scalp micropigmentation reduces the contrast between your hair and scalp giving you the appearance of a fuller head of hair, fills in edges, and provides the best solution to women suffering from all forms of Alopecia.

The Norwood scale (or Hamilton-Norwood scale) is the leading classification system used to measure the extent of male pattern baldness. Men typically lose their hair in one of several common patterns over the course of many decades. The Norwood scale provides easy-to-reference images that indicate different stages of balding.

Since scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive and nonsurgical treatment, it requires
no down time. You only need to follow the Four-Day After Treatment Instructions. After the treatment, it is common to see some redness on the scalp. The redness will go away between 2-3 days after the treatment. Most clients return to work either right away or the next day.

For most clients who undergo scalp micropigmentation, the pain is not as intense as a traditional tattoo. Because pain tolerance varies per client, your artist will ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Contact us at 301-578-6551 or at info@EdgeScalpInk.com to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION. You can send us a photo of your scalp (top down, birds eye view) and/or of your scars and we can schedule a phone consultation or a virtual consultation.

Scalp micropigmentation should never be completed in one treatment. Most people should expect between 3-4 sessions depending on the extent of hair loss. The first two treatments are spaced out by one week. If a third treatment is needed, it will be scheduled between 1-3 months after the second treatment.

Each session is 2-3 hours depending on the person’s degree of hair loss. The first treatment is typically the longest as we are mapping the hairline and adding the base layer of pigment. Each subsequent treatment is typically shorter, although this can vary based on retention of pigment.

You and the artist work together to decide on what works best. There are important factors that determine what hairline is suitable for you. We customize the hairline to your individual features in order to create the most natural and appropriate look.

After following the initial after-care instructions, sit back and enjoy your new look. After completion the 2-4 treatments, you can expect your look to last many years. Edge Scalp Ink offers a one-year guarantee with our treatment plans, so in case there is some lightening of the pigment, you have our guarantee that we will touch it up— on us. After that, we will see you in a few years!

Yes. It is crucial you follow our Four-Day After Treatment Instructions to prevent excessive fading and  infection. In-a-nutshell, there should be no touching or washing your scalp, cutting or shaving your hair, and no working out for the first four days. You may wear a breathable hat or head wrap immediately after each treatment.

Immediately after treatment the pigment will look bolder as it is freshly deposited. Overnight you will notice the pigments softening and settling down. The redness will disappear in 2-3 days. Intensity of redness is based on sensitivity of the skin, but more or less clients will notice significantly less redness 48 hours after the treatment. After the initial settling process is finished, your treatment will look completely natural. At Edge Scalp Ink, we specialize in creating natural hairlines that are indistinguishable from real hair.

We will assess your hair loss during the consultation or via web assessment. Once we get an understanding of your degree of hair loss we provide a treatment plan with the style and look that would be optimal for your look.

Clients classified as Norwood 6-7 hair loss need to maintain a shaved look due to the amount of coverage we have created on top of your head with SMP. As the hair on the back and sides keeps growing, the treatment will become more apparent as there is a visible contrast between your hair and the pigment. It is important to keep in mind that SMP is a hyper-realistic illusion that mimic shaved hair follicles. The deposited pigment will never “grow” or create a “3D texture.” SMP is a cosmetic procedure.

Adding density to an existing hairline and/or density to the crown is classified as a filler treatment. Good candidates for filler treatments are those who still have some hair around the area for the pigment to blend with.

Yes! Scalp micropigmentation is also used to conceal scars from previous surgeries or injuries. Both FUE and FUT transplant scars can be concealed with SMP.

If we are doing a filler treatment or scar concealment, we typically request our clients to come in with the shortest hair length they are going to keep, unless requested otherwise. If you have class 6 or 7 hair loss on the Norwood scale, you would need to shave your head before you come in for treatment and maintain it at that length for best results.

The only time you should not shave your head is the 4-days following your SMP treatment. After that period of time, you can shave your head every day and wash it as well, the treatment will not be damaged as it is in the dermis layer. 

Overexposure to direct sunlight can cause the pigments to lighten and overtime you will be damaging the SMP. As a rule of thumb, you should always protect your skin in the sun. We recommend you wear protective sunscreen or a hat whenever you are going out and expecting to be in direct sunlight for over an hour.

The cost for SMP  is case by case, depending on the scale of hair loss and the amount of work needed. The first two treatments are one week apart with a possibility of a third treatment 1-3 months after the second treatment. For scar concealment the cost ranges from $1,200-$2,800 per treatment. For Norwood class 2-4 hair loss, the price ranges from $2,400-$2,800. Class 5-7 hair loss ranges from $2,900-$3,800. Financing is available through United Credit.

There is a $400 non-refundable booking deposit to secure your treatment dates with Edge Scalp Ink. There is a typical wait time of four weeks for an appointment. We then split the remaining balance between the first two treatments.

If you are in need of financing, United Credit provides competitive rates for any budget.

If you have questions about prices, please reach out to us through email at info@edgescalpink.com or call/text us at 301-351-7680.

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