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SMP Aftercare: Proper Maintenance for Lasting Results

If you’re considering scalp micropigmentation (SMP), you’re likely wondering about recovery and aftercare. The journey to regaining your hairline or concealing hair loss doesn’t end in the SMP chair; it continues with proper scalp micropigmentation aftercare that ensures your new look stays fresh, vibrant, and healthy.

Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp, effectively mimicking the appearance of natural hair follicles. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about SMP aftercare, including the typical recovery timeline and aftercare tips

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SMP Pre-Care Tips


Before undergoing scalp micropigmentation, it’s important to prepare your scalp to achieve the best possible results. Start by avoiding any hair treatments or harsh chemical applications at least a month before your SMP session, as these can irritate the scalp and affect the skin’s integrity. Additionally, it’s recommended to keep your scalp moisturized and healthy, using gentle, natural products to avoid any pre-existing irritation or sensitivity.

On the day before your SMP treatment, make sure to wash your hair and scalp thoroughly to remove any oils, dirt, and residues. This clean base will help the pigment to adhere better and more evenly during the procedure. Avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before your session, as these can increase sensitivity and bleeding, potentially affecting the treatment’s outcome and your comfort levels during the procedure.

SMP Four-Day Aftercare Tips

With our expertise in scalp micropigmentation, we’ve carefully compiled some essential SMP aftercare advice to help you maximize the look and longevity of your new treatment. From the moment your session concludes to the initial four days that follow, these tips will guide you through maintaining your scalp’s health and ensuring optimal pigment retention.

Here are some tips to help you maximize the look of your new treatment from the day of the session to four days later:

Keep Your Scalp Dry

Keeping your scalp dry following your scalp micropigmentation helps prevent infection as your scalp heals. Excessive moisture can also cause the pigments to fade more quickly, leading to less vibrant results. It’s important that you avoid water exposure on your scalp entirely for the first four days after your treatment.

Avoid Excessive Sweating

It’s important to steer clear of strenuous activities that cause excessive sweating. Sweat can result in the dilution of the pigment as well as may push some pigment out of the deposited area when fresh. We also recommend avoiding steam rooms, tanning beds, or saunas during your healing process.

Many clients maximize their workouts the days before the treatments and rest for the four days of aftercare.

Avoid Excessive Scrubbing

Avoid excessive scrubbing of your scalp following SMP treatment, as this can reopen wounds and interrupt the healing process. Vigorous scrubbing risks infection by exposing the treated areas to bacteria and can dislodge the freshly deposited pigment, leading to uneven results and diminished vibrancy. 

It’s important to be gentle with your scalp, using light touches if you must touch the area, and to always follow the specific cleaning instructions provided by your SMP artist to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

Use Moisturizer

After the fourth day, begin daily moisturization to prevent dry skin. Remember, moisturized skin is healthy skin and this will help your treatment look its best. If possible, only use skin moisturizers that are free of parabens and fragrances or perfumes. Organic moisturizers are best.

Avoid Products With Alcohol

Avoid hair products containing alcohol. Alcohol can irritate the treated area as well as dry out your skin.

Cover Up From Direct Sun Exposure

Protect your scalp from direct sunlight to prevent the pigment from fading. Ultraviolet (UV) light breaks down the pigment in the skin and can cause it to fade prematurely. Use a hat or sunscreen when going outdoors on sunny days. 

You don’t have to hide in the shadows like Dracula, but you should be thoughtful about the amount of sunlight your scalp is exposed to.

Follow-Up Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Subsequent SMP treatments typically occur around one week and one month after the previous sessions. These sessions help achieve your desired coverage and color consistency and ensure that you don’t end up with a treatment that is too dark or too light.

Scalp Micropigmentation Recovery Timeline

Although there is some recovery time after each of the scalp micropigmentation treatments, you’ll find that it is minimal and very easy to manage. We provide a four-day recovery guide that helps you navigate the healing process and maintain your SMP results for as long as possible.

Scalp micropigmentation should always be done in multiple sessions. Most can be completed in three treatments. The only time a single session is appropriate is for a touch-up treatment.Our four-day scalp micropigmentation aftercare guidelines should be followed after each treatment.

Below, we outline what you can expect following your SMP, all the way from day one after your first treatment to day 30 after all sessions are complete.

Day 1 to Day 4

The first few days following your SMP are critical to the healing process. Minor redness and swelling are normal and most noticeable on the second day following your procedure.

On these days, you should:

SMP Aftercare: Day 5 to Day 6

At this point in the recovery timeline, you should notice visible improvement in redness and swelling. If you experienced any scabbing in the previous few days, they will be flaking off during this time. Avoid scratching the treated area if you can.

On these days, you should:

Second SMP Treatment Day 7 to Day 10

A week after your first treatment is when you will ideally receive your second SMP treatment. On this day, following the session, you will again start the four-day scalp micropigmentation aftercare process.

On these days, you should:

SMP Aftercare: Day 10 to Day 30

Following your second treatment, you’ll experience many of the same symptoms, such as redness and swelling. This next time period is when your scalp will heal completely before receiving your final treatment. By day 30, you should be able to return to your normal routine.

On these days, you should:

Third SMP Treatment: one month after your first treatment

Four weeks after your first SMP treatment is when you will ideally receive your second treatment. On this day, you will again start the four-day aftercare process.

On these days, you should:

Long Term Care of Your SMP Treatment

After the treatments and after you’re fully healed, your scalp micropigmentation aftercare doesn’t end. To maintain your scalp micropigmentation results, you should always protect your head from overexposure to UV rays from the sun, as this can fade the pigment of the SMP. If you’ll be in the sun all day, wear a hat or use sunblock. Additionally, you should use skin moisturizer or moisturizing shampoo daily.

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SMP Aftercare FAQs

For four days following your SMP, you should avoid:

  • Sweating more than normal
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Touching your treated area
  • Wetting the treated area, including wetting your scalp during showers or baths

After the four-day aftercare window, you may resume washing your scalp and moisturizing. When you first wash your hair after the treatment, pigment that was left on your scalp or skin will wash out. Do not be alarmed. You are not washing out the pigment that was deposited into your skin.

Although rare, your scalp micropigmentation treatment can become infected if proper aftercare is not followed. If you develop any of the symptoms below, you may contact us or your doctor with questions:

  • Cold sweats
  • Fever
  • Shivering that is not normal
  • Swelling of the pigmented area
  • Pus appearing in the treated area
  • Hard or raised skin in the treated area

Skin redness and a slight burning sensation in the treated area is normal and should subside within 24-48 hours.

You can expect your skin to heal between 7-10 days after your treatment.

You should not perform any activities that make you sweat more than normal for four days after your treatment. Avoid saunas for at least a week after your treatment. Sweating can lead to dilution or pushing out of the pigment deposited into your skin. This may cause your pigment to lighten or fade more than normal.