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Covering Scars with Scalp Micropigmentation

Does Covering Scars With SMP Really Work?

There are plenty of reasons why a person may have blatant and unsightly scars on their scalp, and no matter the reason you have yours, noticeable scarring can result in compounding emotional struggles.

This can make covering scars less about appearance and more about increasing self-esteem and ridding yourself of the constant reminder.

That said, does covering scars with SMP, or scalp micropigmentation really work?

What Types of Scars Can SMP Cover?

Injury, surgery, and hair transplant procedures can result in several types of scars. The four major types of transplant scars include follicular unit extraction, also known as dot scars, follicular unit transplant, or strip scars, plug scars, and scalp reduction scars.

There are also several other types of scars resulting from injury or surgery, including keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, and hypertrophic scars.

Why does this matter? Each type of scar varies in its appearance, size, and color.

Does Covering Scars with SMP Really Work, Though?

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is a specialized type of tattooing that can help to camouflage scars. During the process, a combination of specific equipment, natural pigments, and precise techniques is used to conceal the scar.

How well will the scar be hidden? This depends on the scar’s texture, the healing process, size, the practitioner’s experience level, and several other factors.

How Can I Get Started With SMP for Scar Camouflage, So I Can Feel Better About My Appearance?

The first step in covering scars with SMP is to choose an experienced micropigmentation technician. I cannot stress this enough–do not go to a traditional tattoo shop.

Covering scars requires a significant amount of experience, the correct equipment, and an artistic eye to get natural-looking results.

For the D.C. Metro area, finding an SMP specialist is easy. Just use our simple contact form or give us a call today at 301-578-6551 to schedule an appointment!