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Where to Go for the Best Scalp Micropigmentation in the DMV

You can get your brows back with microblading, but did you know you can do something similar with hair on your head?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) can make your hair look fuller or give you back your edge.

Take a look at how you can get the best scalp micropigmentation in the DMV for male pattern baldness and other hair loss concerns!

I’ve Never Heard of SMP–Give Me the Details!

First, SMP is not microblading, because it uses an electric tattoo device instead of a manual blade.

That’s because a tattoo device is powerful enough to penetrate the thick skin on your scalp. It also doesn’t create hairlike lines like in microblading either. Instead, a specialist uses tiny dots in different hues of black to give the illusion of fuller hair.

Okay, But Can People Tell I Have SMP?

Absolutely not, if you get the best scalp micropigmentation in the DMV.

Going to a highly-trained expert in scalp micropigmentation ensures your results look natural and blend in flawlessly with your complexion and existing hair.

Does SMP Hurt?

There is mild discomfort with SMP, but a numbing agent is applied to your scalp to help minimize any pain you may feel. It’s best to avoid the sun, swimming, saunas, and steam rooms for about a month after SMP.

I’m Interested, So Give Me the Real Scoop = How Much Does SMP Cost?

The price of your SMP treatment in DC, Maryland or Virginia depends on how much area you need treated, your geographic location, and the person providing your SMP, among other factors.

A consultation with a scalp micropigmentation expert at Edge Scalp Ink is the only sure-fire way to tell exactly how much it will cost you and the realistic results you can expect.

Get the Best Scalp Micropigmentation In the DMV at Edge Scalp Ink!

At Edge Scalp Ink, we know your thinning hair is on your mind all the time. We can help with that by creating hyper-realistic SMP results.

If you’re ready to get your edge back, contact us today at 301-578-6551 to schedule a consultation.