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Scalp Micropigmentation Regrets

For most men and women in-and-around the Kensington, Maryland area, scalp micropigmentation is a transformative experience that improves their appearance and helps them feel more confident.

However, choosing the wrong SMP technician or failing to properly care for your results post-treatment can lead to some serious scalp micropigmentation regrets.

Continue reading to learn how to maximize your SMP outcomes and limit the chance of undesirable scalp micropigmentation results and complications.

What Should a Trusted SMP Technician Do?

In order to avoid scalp micropigmentation regrets, it’s important to select a highly-skilled and experienced SMP technician.

You should look for a provider who has specialized training and understands the science and art behind micropigmentation.

This expertise is usually evident in the technician’s before and after photos.

In addition, a trusted SMP technician should:

· Listen to your concerns

· Customize treatment to your individual needs and goals

· Strive for natural-looking outcomes

· Manage your expectations

· Use high-quality pigments and single-use cartridges specific to scalp micropigmentation

Why SMP Cannot Be Done in One Session

It’s not uncommon for patients who undergo SMP in one session to have scalp micropigmentation regrets.

Any experienced technician understands that SMP cannot be done in one session. Rather, scalp micropigmentation should be performed as a series of treatments.

This allows the provider to slowly build color and density and achieve a more textured and 3-D look. Also, there is always a bit of fading of the pigment over time. At Edge Scalp Ink, our proven method keeps initial fading to a minimum and assures you are fully involved in the choosing your new look.

How Will Scalp Micropigmentation Improve Your Appearance?

Many women and men choose to undergo scalp micropigmentation to improve their appearance and boost their confidence in professional and social situations.

Benefits of SMP include:

· Creates the appearance of fuller hair, with natural-looking results

· Decreases the look of hair loss

· Covers scars on the scalp

· Addresses hair thinning and conceals visible portions of scalp

· Produces a contrast-free scalp

· Achieves the appearance of a fresh buzz cut or increased density for those with longer hair

How to Maintain SMP Results

In order to maintain SMP results and limit the likelihood of scalp micropigmentation regrets, individuals should carefully follow their technician’s post-care instructions.

SMP after-care usually involves:

· Avoiding water and moisture on scalp for several days

· Applying a moisturizer once pigment has settled

· Avoiding soaps that dry-out skin or negatively affect pigment

· Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen and hat to protect the scalp from harmful UV rays

Learn More About SMP in Kensington, Maryland

If you are considering scalp micropigmentation, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented technicians.