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Scalp Micropigmentation in Reston, VA


If hair loss has you feeling self-conscious and longing for the days of a fuller head of hair, you’re not alone — and there’s a non-surgical solution.

At Edge Scalp Ink, we offer scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatments in Reston, VA, for those dealing with the challenges of hair loss. This innovative treatment delivers natural-looking results that effectively conceal receding hairlines, bald spots, and scars.

Whether you’re battling thinning hair or seeking an aesthetic enhancement, our SMP services are customized for men and women with thinning hair and alopecia or those looking to cover up head scars. Our SMP process involves the careful application of specialized pigments onto the scalp, skillfully mimicking the texture and density of natural hair.

Contact us at Edge Scalp Ink today and learn how scalp micropigmentation treatment in Reston, Virginia, can give you natural-looking results.

Ways SMP Can Improve Your Appearance


Scalp micropigmentation offers more than just hair loss concealment; it’s a transformative aesthetic technique that elevates your entire appearance. By applying natural pigments onto the scalp, SMP creates the appearance of a closely shaved head of hair that matches your hair color and skin tone.

Our personalized approach to SMP at Edge Scalp Ink ensures seamless integration, enhancing your appearance with a natural and distinguished look. SMP is ideal for defining hairlines, adding visual depth to thinning areas, and camouflaging scars or uneven spots on the scalp. The result is an undetectable enhancement that boosts your look.

Who Should Consider Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical solution for a diverse range of individuals facing various hair loss challenges. Whether you’re dealing with thinning hair, pattern baldness, or seeking scar concealment, SMP offers a personalized approach to enhance your appearance.

SMP For Men

At Edge Scalp Ink, SMP for men is intended for those dealing with male pattern baldness and looking for a revolutionary solution. Our master artists’ process involves precisely applying natural pigments to the scalp to mimic the appearance of natural hair follicles. 

This technique, often referred to as a hair tattoo, creates a fuller-looking head of hair and artfully gives men affected by androgenic alopecia a new hairline.

Do you already have a hairline that would look stunning only if you could just boost the density? No problem, we can help.

SMP For Women

We understand that for many women, hair is a crucial part of their appearance. That’s why our scalp micropigmentation treatment for women is designed to address the unique challenges of female hair loss. Whether it’s due to genetics, hormonal changes, or the effects of conditions like traction alopecia, our SMP treatment for women offers a reliable and elegant solution. 

Our approach is particularly effective for women experiencing thinning around the edges or ‘baby hairs,’ which is often seen in cases of traction alopecia in black and brown women. This personalized treatment adds density and thickness where it’s most needed, achieving an appearance of natural hair growth. 

SMP For Alopecia

Alopecia, an autoimmune condition causing partial or total hair loss, can deeply affect one’s self-image. Our SMP treatment for alopecia is designed to restore the appearance of hair, giving back control over your look. This non-invasive procedure replicates the look of a closely shaved head or adds density to thinning areas, effectively concealing bald patches caused by alopecia.

Our team at Edge Scalp is committed to helping clients reclaim their identity and confidence lost to alopecia with SMP, which opens the door to healing from the trauma of hair loss.

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SMP For Scar Camouflage

Scars on the scalp, whether from injuries, surgeries, or hair transplants, can be a source of self-consciousness for many people. Our SMP treatment for scar camouflage offers a discreet and effective solution to these concerns. By applying pigment around and over the scarred areas, we create an illusion that reduces the visibility of scars, blending them seamlessly with your natural hair pattern.

The precision of SMP allows us to replicate the appearance of natural hair follicles, effectively masking the scar and making it virtually undetectable. Scars from Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), or other types of hair transplant procedures highlight differences between SMP and hair transplants

Our technique ensures a natural and cohesive look, giving you back the freedom to style and wear your hair without worrying about visible scars.

Price of Scalp Micropigmentation in Reston

The cost of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) in Reston varies based on the specific treatment, offering affordable options for every need. For men, SMP treatments range from $2,400 to $5,000, while women can expect costs between $2,800 and $5,000, as well as those seeking SMP for alopecia.

For scar camouflage, the prices are slightly lower, ranging from $1,200 to $1,800. All these services are eligible for our flexible financing plan, making them accessible to those who need them.

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Before And After Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure: What to Know

The SMP procedure at Edge Scalp Ink is swift and minimally invasive, usually only lasting a few hours per session. We start with a consultation to understand your hair loss pattern and desired results. The treatment involves applying pigments in layers over multiple sessions by using a microneedle for a natural final look.

What Does SMP Recovery and Aftercare Look Like?

Aftercare scalp micropigmentation is straightforward and requires little effort. It’s essential to protect your scalp from direct sun exposure and avoid intense physical activities that cause excessive sweating for several days post-treatment. Our team will equip you with comprehensive aftercare guidelines to guarantee optimal results from your SMP procedure.

When to Expect Scalp Micropigmentation Results

Scalp micropigmentation delivers remarkable results in just a short amount of time. With each session, you’ll experience a notable enhancement in your look while preserving the natural aspect of your appearance. The hair transformation is often most striking after the completion of the second session.

Scalp micropigmentation provides a liberating alternative to temporary hair solutions such as wigs, hats, or hair fibers, eliminating concerns about inconsistent hair days. This method offers a durable solution that requires minimal upkeep, giving you the benefit of a consistently appealing and worry-free hairstyle.

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Unlock the door to a revitalized, youthful appearance by booking a consultation with the highly trained SMP professionals at Edge Scalp Ink. In this initial meeting, we’ll answer all your inquiries and craft a personalized scalp micropigmentation strategy that aligns perfectly with your individual requirements. It’s the perfect chance to discover how SMP can revolutionize your look and enhance your life.

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Scalp Micropigmentation FAQs

What is SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation is an innovative, non-invasive method that carefully places pigment onto the scalp, emulating the appearance of hair follicles. It’s an ideal solution for achieving the look of a buzz cut, a more defined hairline, or adding the appearance of density to short hair. 

Customization is key, as each session is tailored to meet the individual’s specific hair aspirations and requirements.

What are the risks of SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation is generally a safe procedure, with minimal side effects such as temporary redness or slight sensitivity of the scalp, typically subsiding within one to two days. To ensure safety and minimize any risk of infection, it’s important to choose a reputable clinic like Edge Scalp Ink and adhere strictly to the aftercare guidelines provided.

Does the scalp micropigmentation procedure hurt?

The discomfort experienced during scalp micropigmentation is usually minimal, with most clients rating their pain at about a 4 on a 1-10 scale. For added comfort, numbing agents are available to ease any discomfort during the procedure.

What questions should I ask before getting SMP?

It’s important to discuss any existing medical conditions, allergies, or current medications. Also, consider the compatibility of SMP with your skin type and any plans for medical imaging, like MRIs, within the next three months.

Is scalp micropigmentation worth it?

Scalp micropigmentation is often seen as a valuable investment by many clients, offering long-lasting results that boost confidence and self-image. It stands as a more affordable and immediate alternative to hair transplantation procedures in the U.S. Additionally, SMP can enhance the effectiveness of previous hair transplants by adding the appearance of density.

Should I get scalp micropigmentation from a tattoo parlor?

Scalp micropigmentation is a specialized technique requiring specific skills and training. It’s crucial to choose a clinic, such as Edge Scalp Ink, with artists trained specifically in SMP techniques. Ensure they use only high-quality SMP pigments and ask to see their credentials and examples of their work before proceeding with the treatment.

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